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Friday, January 24, 2014

Icebergs and Igloos

Another balmy day with a high of +6C!  Yes, the snow was melting and the icebergs were beginning to flow ... on my sidewalk!  The perfect conditions for starting another igloo!  Haha!  Yes, the boys and I ventured to the top of our knoll and started making 'Igloo #2."  There is still potentially 2-3 months of winter left ... perhaps we will make an igloo village!  

We have the weekend to finish off this one!  Have a great one everyone!  


  1. i love your sidewalk iceberg photos! gorgeous!

    and your igloo is a thing of art and joy
    making for wonderful experiences and memories
    plus these photos are wonderful!

  2. Wow, your icebergs and their reflections are so amazing. The reflections are so detailed, almost exact duplicates of the ice. They are so clear.

    Your boys will remember those igloos forever. What a special way to remember the hard work and love dedicated to the building of the igloos. Beautiful skies to you!



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