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Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Morning Stroll

(Blogger is driving me crazy these days ... as some of my images are altered either darker or lighter when I upload them!  Grrr .... this image isn't this dark)

After last weeks miserable cold temperatures and nasty winds, I managed to get our hounds out for a long 2 hour run (yes, they ran ... I trudged through the deep snow!) this morning!  We checked on the cows, gazed at the winter landscape and said our "hello's" to some of the bred heifers on our way back home!  It was a beautiful morning!


  1. thanks for sharing your morning stroll with us.
    dogs sure love snow!

  2. WoW!!!! Beautiful are your photos.
    I added also your blog to my bloglist!
    Have a nice day, RW & SK from Holland.

  3. Wonderful images. Also, i's Interesting that you think the image is too dark. The lighting is perfect on my iMac.



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