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Friday, December 6, 2013


With our temperatures being as low as -36C and the added bonus of the wind making the temperature outside feel like -46C, one might say it's a bit 'FRIGID' outside these days!  Yes, the extreme windchill warnings and cold temperatures continue and with that I don't venture very far with my camera!


  1. The blue is stunning. The light poking through the sky adds just the right sparkle. You are brave. The sun here was so gorgeous on the weekend, but my camera refused to go outside in the mean cold freezing air!

    1. Blogger has been driving me crazy lately Renee! It's either been altering some of my images darker or lighter ... this one lighter! I don't know how many times I tried to upload this one and I finally gave up! This image is actually a bit darker and isn't distorted! Oh well ... can't win them all!

      Thank you ... I basically ran out the door and ran right back in! It was TOO COLD to venture any further!



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