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Friday, October 4, 2013

Headed West ...

The great thing about living in Alberta, Canada is that you can, within a few hours, leave the prairies and arrive in the beautiful Foothills and Canadian Rocky Mountains or vice versa!  Well, this Country Mouse headed west and met up with her fellow photog friend the City Mouse for a weekend of 'photographing' of course!  We kicked off the weekend with a little jog west of Calgary ... a fabulous way to start any weekend!


  1. It appears you may have put these in chronological order but I think the last one with the blue mountains and sky belongs at the top because it is spectacular!

    1. I meant blue mountains and ORANGE sky.

    2. Hahaha ... yes, I did put them in chronological order but the last one is my fav as well! The mountains are so close ... I need to visit them more often!



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