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Friday, October 11, 2013

Come Here Often?

I swear this Blue Jay had an in depth conversation with my "bird bath birds!"  I was pretty excited when I saw not only this Blue Jay but two others as well.  We used to get a dozen or so Blue Jays during the fall and winter years ago but these last few years they've been missing in action!  ???  Hmm ... perhaps these beauties will stick around to brighten the drab days that will soon be on the way!


  1. that is funny
    the bird looking at the sculpture bird
    we also had blue jays come around this year and so many people noted that they were unusual to see here
    lots of Canada jays always

    sweet photos!

    1. He cracked me up! He sat there with that look for the longest time ... it certainly made one wonder what was going through his head! LOL!
      They are such pretty birds and so far they seem to be sticking around! Now to keep the magpies from harassing them!

  2. Terri you need to send this photo of the Jay talking to the metal bird to Birds & Blooms as they have a section for each edition asking people to comment as to what is or could be said - Like " I told you so it was getting cold"



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