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Friday, September 13, 2013

One Of Those Days ...

It was another gorgeous, hot late summer's day!  Perfect for combining peas ...

That is until you get a deer antler in the NEW tire one had to replace just 2 days ago.  

We shut it down for tonight but hopefully (fingers crossed) tomorrow 
will be smooth sailing!  


  1. Replies
    1. "Murphy!" Haha! It could've been any other tire BUT no ... the new one! LOL!

  2. oh my goodness
    an antler gave that huge tire a flat, i would have never guessed!
    you sure know how to make tires look fab with that camera of yours.
    i hope all is up and running again.

    1. UGH! Yup, that antler was definitely 'poking' fun at our expense! Haha! We've never had an antler in a tire before but it does happen. The tire was fixed and the combine has been running steady since! Thanks Tammie!



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