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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Seasonal Signs

Hey?!?!  What the heck is with the yellow leaves already?  I know it's the end of August but September isn't here ... at least not just yet!  Summer has finally arrived so 'Fall' can just take a hike for a few more weeks!

I know I planted my garden late but if 'Fall' has any sense of humour it will let my pumpkins mature and let my sunflowers continue to flower (after all they've only just begun!).


  1. hello,

    i feel that way too about the changing colors
    a wee bit of panic over it
    but i remember each year i adjust and the changes that happen are filled with new gifts of delight

    i have just caught up on your posts i have missed, such a full life with travels and friends. your stacks of hay are impressive and the birds on the fence made me smile.

    lovely week to you.

    1. I love the colours and aroma's of Fall. Actually I love just about everything except for the finality of it ... when the birds fly south, the colours are gone, the days become very short ... UGH! However, when winter finally does arrive, there is beauty in it as well. In the mean time, I am in a panic about the boys going back to school already, harvest is knocking on the door and I am just not ready for summer to be gone. :(

      Have a great week as well Tammie! Cheers!

  2. Hey, what the heck is right! Yellow leaves are rapidly appearing here too and every day there are more leaves cascading to the ground. I also have some plants that are just starting to reach out and are looking excited to see summer, so I can totally relate to what you are saying.

    The colours in your photos are so rich and enticing! I suppose the leaves wouldn't look as interesting being all green. With the contrasting yellow, they look stunning, so I guess fall is cooperating with summer after all!

    1. I'm okay with green leaves! Hahaha! Ooooooh how I do love the colours of Fall ... if only they would stick around longer!!! It's the drab between Fall and Winter that I don't like.



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