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Friday, August 9, 2013

Miss Me?

Hmm ... I've been off the radar!  I was still snapping photos but somehow I did't get to posting them until now!  So here we go, a long post recapping what happened this past week:

The boys were involved in the AMSA Rounds 6 & 7 this past weekend in Drumheller, AB at DORVA.  It was a fantastic weekend, the kids had a blast and they had some great rides.  They have really improved since just starting back in the spring.  


Somehow, watching our boys in the 7-11yr old class is easier on this Mom's nerves than it is to watch the 17yr old you know making some serious 'whips!'  This was Justin's first weekend back riding since May and he did a great job on his Yamaha YZ250F.

After escaping the rain that kept to the north of Drumheller most of the day, we headed home to the rain!  


Tuesday found the boys out checking the pea crops ... and not only filling their faces but stuffing their pockets full of peas for the remainder of the evening!  Who said kids don't eat peas?

As the sun was setting, we checked on the flax as well.  Hmm ... almost done blooming.


Wednesday found the boys and myself back in the hayfield, raking and baling the last of what was cut.  We managed to bale it all before the rain returned.  It's amazing to see how the fields are beginning to ripen.  *sigh* ... our greens are starting to become golden.


The boys and their Dad out checking the canola.  If you don't know much about canola, it is certainly worth educating yourself about it. Canola Oil is the healthiest oil available!


Aaaaah yes!  It's finally Friday and I am once again caught up!  
Have a wonderful weekend everyone!  


  1. I did miss you but I've been behind on posting lately too. I love the motorcycle pictures especially the ones with the valley in the background. It makes even your little guys look like they are a mile high. Wednesday's barn is cool too.

    1. Thanks for missing me Matt! Haha! Somedays ... or weeks just don't permit us time. I understand completely! The boys are so funny, they look at their pics and think they've jumped 10ft in the air! Haha! Now to only convince them to NOT jump that high or higher!

  2. that is one full week of fun and so much more!
    how wonderful to see your boys doing things they love.
    and the rainbow and cloud,,, gorgeous.

    1. It's been a bit crazy around here that's for sure Tammie. This is the first year of racing for the boys and they are having a blast.
      I can't drive past those big clouds and the bonus of a rainbow without pulling out my camera! LOL!



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