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Thursday, August 1, 2013

Deja Vu!

Hmm ... I recall this happening LAST year, only it was the other side and I was at the wheel!  Well, my hubby was at the wheel this time and it's not fun when the bolts on the walking axel let go (I spoke too soon Dennis!!!).  Grrr ... I guess we should've changed both sides last year!

After swearing at 'Murphy' a few times, we managed to get the wheels back under the baler and thought "let's double check the other side and tighten the bolts!"  Haha!!!  "Murphy" is such a sweet guy and broke one of those bolts!!!  This of course caused a bit more swearing!  Eventually we managed to get everything back in order and just after 9:00pm we were able to resume baling and cutting hay!

My lil' baling partner managed to make about a round and a half with me before he was curled up on the floor of the tractor having sweet dreams!  Everything was going great and then "Murphy" threw another wrench into today's plan of attack!

Well, it didn't seem like anything too major but it can't be fixed until morning and with that we called it a night!  


  1. Indeed you did. I'm sorry but I'm smiling while I'm writing this. Not because of what you guys had to go through...A-gain! Well...maybe a just little bit! LOL. Sorry A-gain...I couldn't help myself. But rather about that guy named Murphy...you know him tooooo eh!

    1. Haha ... I thought you would get a giggle out of this! On the upside ... if there is such a thing, WE are not the only ones breaking these bolts!! I think JD needs to re-evaluate the grade of bolt required!! Yes, Murphy visits us on a regular basis! He does that to people! LOL!



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