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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Counting Crows ...

Today, our youngest was my sidekick and big brother was helping Dad.  Something our youngest has really noticed while haying is the 'crows' and how they congregate!  So, in order to entertain himself while hanging out in the tractor with 'Mom,' ... he counts crows!  I on the other hand seem to be counting bales and the number of acres that remain!

My lil' man out testing the hay bales with a bale moisture probe and making sure the bales are a 'thumbs up' ... 'just right!'

Later this afternoon, we switched over to the small square baler.

Finito!  This field is DONE and the equipment is moved to the last field!  Yeah!  


  1. love the crows all in a row. Congrats on finishing up a hayfield. ONE more to go.

    1. Crows are such funny characters!
      Thank you ... I can't wait till the last field is done!!!!

  2. Love the crows too and love the pictures of your kids around and on the bales of hay. Great perspective! Amazing farm work!



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