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Saturday, March 2, 2013

The Calm Before the Storm ...

A handful of some of our new heifers stood munching and taking in their new surroundings while enjoying the above freezing temperatures.  We were supposed to spend Sunday hauling most of our new heifers home but with the 'Winter Storm Warning' and the word 'blizzard' issued for a large portion of the province for tonight and tomorrow, we decided that they could come home today!  From the sound of the wind outside ... I'm glad they are home!


  1. Handsome heifers! You will have to teach them to count, they are not lined up in numerical order! Heehee!

    I am glad you all made it home before the storm!

  2. Would the heifers be offended to be called handsome? I was going for alliteration. I hope they don't think I am udderly ridiculous for calling them that!

    1. Heifers 97 & 98 had the idea but 299 wouldn't cooperate! LOL! I was glad my hubby and the girls made it home before the storm as well! Handsome heifers? It works! Hahaha ... or beautiful young bovines!



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