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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Stompin' Around CowTown

Yesterday I headed to Calgary, AB to meet up with a friend of mine ... who shares the same crazy passion for snapping photos!  Together, we spent the afternoon and evening around the downtown core and this afternoon we spent some time capturing some images in the Inglewood area.  We met some crazy fun characters in downtown Calgary that certainly made our day!  And despite being a southern Alberta girl ... I still couldn't believe Calgary had so little snow when we seem to be living in the next Ice Age!  Anyhow, here are a few snippets from yesterday and today ... 

Have you ever been thrown under a bus?  
Better yet, asked to lay down underneath a bus?
Well, all I can say is, this is the perspective you get when you lay under a city bus and use your wide angle lens!  (You had to be there!)

I had a great couple of days in Calgary!  It was nice not having to trudge through the mounds and miles of snow we have to get a shot!  


  1. Terri, this shots are really cool! What the heck were you doing under the bus? What a neat perspective, one I would only want to have if I was snapping shots of course! Well done! I am glad that you could get away from all of the snow for a few days! Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hahaha ... the bus story is such a funny story and was instigated by the transit driver! What a hoot!!!!! LOL! All I can say is it was loaded with passengers, so I can only imagine the 'she's crazy, what is she doing' comments! It was great to get away from the snow for a couple of days ... a nice change!



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