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Monday, March 18, 2013

Return of the Rays

Brrrr ... it was -20C this morning and with windchill it felt like -29C.  However, with the return of the sun's warm rays, the Rock Doves (Columba livia)... aka, domestic pigeons came out of hiding and sought those warm rays out!  It was nice to hear the chatter of birds, and yes, the cooing from pigeons once again.  Here's hoping 'Spring' makes it's debut on Wednesday!


  1. They sure are colourful birds. You got your wish for colour! Another good reason to paint our out buildings red, not only to be easily seen in the winter storms, but also, they look stunning in winter against the snow in a sunny day!

    1. As much as my husband would cringe to hear me say it ... but I must agree, pigeons truly are rather colourful ... almost pretty-like! LOL! Gotta love red barns, red buildings out on the prairie!



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