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Monday, March 11, 2013

Fresh Breath!

The landscape is certainly still snow covered and the temperature is still cool enough that you can see your breath!  However, I think most of us have started counting down the days to spring yet we know in the back of our minds ... there will likely be one or two wet, snowy spring storms we still have to endure!


  1. Sweet!...I luv back lighting

  2. Terri, these shots are fabulous. They should be the opening shots for a Time Horton's commercial. You know, it is early morning, time to get up, the camera pans in to the horses and their breath, it is time take the kids to hockey practice, but wait... there is always time for Tim Horton's, it shows you breathing in the scent of coffee...

    Why not?

    1. Hahaha! ... Oh Renee, you make me smile! You are a true Albertan/Canuck! It takes a unique breed to put horses and Tim Horton's coffee together! Love it! Thanks for the kind words Chickie!



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