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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Has Spring Finally Sprung?

Aaah ... no wind, a low fog burning off as the sun rises and the twinkle of frost!  It was a beautiful morning!  

The bonus:  Gophers surfacing and crows and geese returning!
Maybe spring has finally sprung!


  1. Sorry about your weather but the barbed wire shot is beautiful. It's supposed to hit 54 F today here in Illinois. It's going to feel like a heat wave. Do you use Fahrenheit or Celsius in Canada?

    1. Thanks! Eventually the snow will disappear! It's been a LOOOONG winter! 54F ... *sigh* ... we started the week off at -4F! We use Celsius in Canada. The last few days we've reached above freezing temps. Hopefully that will continue and in a few weeks there will be more grass showing than snow!



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