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Thursday, January 10, 2013


I will admit ... this is an older photo but it pretty much sums up my afternoon!  Oh trust me, I did have my camera with ... but with each shovel of snow, my enthusiasm to document my 'Stuck' grew weary!  The only difference between this stuck and today's 'Stuck' ... it was on a different part of the road, in harder, deeper snow!  I love my car for the most part but on those days when the prairie wind blows and the snow drifts, my car becomes my enemy.  I am not a fan of digging out the entire under carriage of the family wagon!


  1. I've always wanted a car but the possibility of getting stuck in our snowdrifts always squishes my dream. Dangnamit!

    1. I LOVE my car ... most seasons! LOL! We finally broke down and got a car for running around as it just doesn't pay to be running the trucks up and down the highway all the time. We are min an hour from anywhere, so the miles and fuel add up! The VW is fantastic BUT its clearance when it comes to snow ... well????? Although, it is absolutely mind boggling amazing what it will go through ... as long as you don't have to start out in it! It's the starting out that always finds me on the end of a mexican backhoe! LOL!



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