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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Mr. Attitude!

Meet Mr. Attitude ... 'Max!  The boys found him a few years ago as a wee kitten stranded in one of our trees in the middle of January, hours before a bitterly cold snap returned. Hmm ... perhaps it's the memory of that weather that found him leisurely 'window hunting' from our bed on this January, +4C day!  Is it a coincidence that the weather has turned colder and it is now snowing tonight?  Despite the devilish lil' horns that magically appear on the top of his head ... DAILY ... those pale green eyes get us every time!


  1. He looks like he is deep in thought. I wonder what he is thinking ? What trouble is he conduring? Maybe he is thinking about how lucky he is to have been rescued by your wonderful family? Perhaps he is enjoying the attention of the camera and agreeing that he is a handsome devil, but is only pretending not to notice you! Aren't cats grand?!

    1. I swear he is usually thinking "hmm ... I wonder what I can get into next!" LOL! Although, in saying that, I do think he is thankful that he was rescued! The day the kids found him it turned into a -45C night with the windchill ... I don't think he would've survived, he was so tiny and nothing more than a bag of bones. He is certainly an affectionate dude full of personality! Cats are grand ... apparently ... I have 4!!! LOL!



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