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Sunday, January 6, 2013

As the Sun Sets ...

The harsh reality that the holidays are over is beginning to set in.  As a family, we had a wonderful holiday season with our kids and as their Mom, I'm not quite ready for us to return to the daily grind.  I love having my boys at home.  Their boundless energy and non-stop chatter and laughter is heart warming to me.  However, routine is a good thing and I guess it's time to return to that ... DARN!  So, after watching the sunset, it was supper, our Sunday 'Walt Disney' family movie ritual and early to bed!  Tomorrow is a new day!


  1. It is stunning how the sun is reflecting!��

  2. The comment was supposed to say, "reflecting so warmly off of the snow!"

    1. I love the sunsets at this time of the year ... there is some amazing colours!



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