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Monday, August 6, 2012

"Eye Spy ..."

"With my camera's eye!"  Oh ... the creatures I capture while haying equipment is being fueled and greased!  


  1. Great close ups! Gophers are so cute. How did you get such a super close up of the dragonfly?

    1. I concur that gophers are kinda cute! My husband raised his eyebrows in disbelief that his wife took pics of a gopher ... farm boys! The dragonflies and damselflies were sitting on the tines of the hay rake and was able to get within a few feet ... that and I just happened to have a 70-300mm zoom lens on hand! :)

    2. Funny! Gophers do cause problems in the field, but they are comical to watch. We watched a gopher at our campsite in Balzac this weekend for quite some time! Good timing with the lens! Usually I find myself with the wrong lens!

    3. Oh good ... I am not the only one! I always have the wrong lens! LOL!



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