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Monday, August 6, 2012

Down at the Track ...

We spent the morning down at the DORVA (Drumheller Off Road Vehicle Association) Track which was hosting Round 6 & 7 of the Southern Alberta Series.  The dust was flying and so were the dirt bikes!  


  1. Whoa ! I would never be able to take photographs like that ! When I watch motorcyclists do stunts, I usually hold my breath and close my eyes or look away! I get too nervous that something bad may happen!

    1. There were a few more photos I wanted to post but it was so late when we got home I only put up the one! I have some photos of one particular young lad who would come over this jump and his bike would be completely horizontal to the ground ... made my heart stop every single time he did it! I knew a couple of the kids riding and my tummy had butterflies for them ... I don't think as a Mom I could watch my own.



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