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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Sea of Yellow Has Returned!


The summer sun and heat have arrived on the prairies and across this wonderful landscape is a sea of yellow!  Here in Central Alberta, the Canola fields are coming into full bloom and the vibrant yellow set against that prairie blue sky definitely makes one take a second look!  Do you remember our field of canola that was 'obliterated' by rain and hail just a month ago (See 'Down for the Count' in June)?  Well ... Canola is an amazing plant!  I took these photos in that same field.  Yes, it did rebound!  


  1. I see yellow has caught your eye too! I am glad to hear about your canola crop rebounding! We Canadians are tough, eh?

    1. Surrounded by it! LOTS of Canola and LOTS of peas this year! I'm amazed at how it came back ... it was definitely 'thinned out' a bit but at least it will make something! Canola is a 'happy' crop ... a tough Canadian crop! :)



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