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Monday, July 9, 2012

Day Three ...

Yes, this was day three of our canoeing adventure and it could not have started out more perfect!  We were up at the crack of dawn and paddling by 7:00am!  Thank goodness we have early rising lil' farm boys!  

A start on the river like this ... where else would you want to be? 

At the 65 km mark we passed by the Finnegan Ferry! 

An old abandoned train bridge made for a morning 'snack' break!  I said the biggest challenge was packing enough food for two growing lil' dudes! 

Rounding the bend towards the Emerson #36 Hwy Bridge!

Across from Three Owl Island ... Our pitstop for this lag and it was perfect!  The sandbar stretched for 1/4 mile and gave the boys plenty of space to burn off some energy!  

A Campfire and 'Banana Boats' on the 'Beach!'

 An Evening Stroll!

We did a total of 42 km on day three.  It was a fantastic day and well worth putting up with the rain and wind the day before!  As for what happened around home today ...

We finally received some HOT summer sun!  We reached 31C today, so the boys had some fun with their water rocket while trying to keep cool!  


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    1. Thanks Carmen! You guys aren't that far from the Red Deer River now ... you might have to load those girls up for a day run! I bet they would love it! :)



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