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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another 39 Km and 70 Years!

Day Two .. and RAIN!  However, it did not stop the mighty paddlers from venturing further down the river.  

On this lag of the trip, one passes the lil' Hamlet of Dorothy, AB!  A place that never grew beyond 100 residents but is considered one of Alberta's classic pioneer communities!  It's a great haunt for artists and photographers and it poured rain as we went by ... needless to say, my camera remained undercover and I paddled, so you will have to venture into Dorothy another day!  

Eventually the clouds broke up and the sky cleared but oh how the upstream wind began to blow!  We ran into probably 30-40km winds which made that nice calm river a bit on the rough side!

So with that, we said 'to heck with this' and pulled off and set up camp for the night!  My husband and I enjoyed a glass of wine and the kids played in the MUD!

I have to give credit to my kids for a few of the photos ... it was nice having their lil' water proof cameras along on the trip and it was great seeing them snap pics!  Thanks Ryley and Brady!

Now, for todays events ... we were back in the hayfield for a good chunk of the day but we did manage to slip away this afternoon.  We headed over to 'Grandma and Grandpa's House' to celebrate Grandpa's 70th Birthday!  I can't believe this incredibly handsome man is now 70 years young!  My Dad has a heart of gold and has ALWAYS been so proud of his kids and extra proud of 'grandkids!'  Well, I am certain we don't say it enough but we are so proud to have him as a Dad and Grandpa!  Happy 70th Grandpa! We love ya and we hope you had a great day!  Thanks for keeping him in line Grandma! Haha ...

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