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Sunday, June 3, 2012

My Cowgirl!

You've met her before ... this is 'My Gal,' aka ... 'Spritz,' and she just celebrated her 22nd birthday not too long ago!  It's so hard to imagine that she is now that age ... I've raised her from day one!  I guess neither one of us is getting younger but we certainly have wisdom on our side ... right?  LOL!  Well, these days, Spritz and I are riding and checking not only the heifers but the fence ... since we apparently seem to have a resident moose with a specialty in 'fencing!'

Once school is out for the boys, I have a feeling my girl and I will be separated for a bit ... she's kinda become an 'old faithful' that the boys enjoy riding and with Buddy being gone, I will definitely be relegated to the young horses.  I won't complain ... it's good to know they are in good 'hooves!'


  1. Spritz is cool...really like the one with her and her cow posse!



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