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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


My Idea and the Horses Ideas Might Be Two Different Things ...

 ... But I love when it pans out for all of us!

After procrastinating ALL day, due mostly to my distaste for the crazy wind that has graced us with its presence ... I headed out into our home pasture just to take a few quick photos of the sun setting!  However, a few of the horses had alternative plans!  They are young and LOVE to play ... especially if there is a crowd!  Hmm ... I guess I won't complain ... they played, I captured the 'HorseSet' ... and eventually saw the setting sun without 'assistance!'  


  1. I love that last picture...especially those sun lit legs and neck. Interesting how the west horse's shadow is cast onto the other guy. On another note...a funny one!!! I just got a mis-dialed text saying...Zane, my husband will be away for 2 weeks...want to meet. I'll be Honolulu next week.text me at yada, yada, yada...it's safe. Any thoughts on how one might reply???? This is too funny not to have some fun!

    1. Bahahahaha ... that is too funny! "Hey Babe, my Other wife will be in Honolulu the first week but perhaps we can arrange something for the 2nd?" OH my ... people are ... hmm, the words escape me!!! You will definitely have to have some fun with that one! Keep me posted! LOL! And thanks for the kind comments! I like how the shadow was cast on the last one as well! :)



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