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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Swooped By a Turkey Vulture

Cathartes aura

While out checking cows with my youngest child and my 'faithful' old german shepherd, 'Sam,' we came or should I say ... this Turkey Vulture 'swooped' onto us!  I'm not really sure what to say to poor Ole' Sam ... I know he is getting up in years but apparently this Turkey Vulture had 'shiny eyes ... or a salivating beak' for my hound!  I think the vulture swooped down and flew just a few feet above Sam about 4 times.  I don't think Sam gave him a moments notice but I think this Turkey Vulture needs to go find a meal somewhere else!  Sam isn't going anywhere anytime soon ... at least I certainly hope not!  Aside from this vulture's sweet eyes on my hound ... they are a very COOL bird!  Smaller than eagles but bigger than hawks ... they are a fair sized bird.  They can have a wing span of up to 183cm!!!  They are definitely not found province wide, so I am happy to report we live in their zone!!!  I guess that would be the 'VULTURE ZONE!'  Haha!

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