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Monday, May 14, 2012

Sand and Tonka Trucks

Boy, n.:  a noise with dirt on it.  
~Not Your Average Dictionary

Ah ... yes,  the sand pile and the Tonka Trucks!!!!  If only they could talk and tell you the miles they have on them!  I am certain we have a couple of dump trucks that may hold the world record for accumulated miles!  This particular 'fleet' of Tonka Trucks is an all-season fleet, with less hours accumulated in the winter but still put to work.  However, now that it's spring again, the 'fleet' is back working overtime!  


  1. I hope John Farnsworth sees SAND AND TONKA TRUCKS! He will be so jealous, as he loves Tonka Trucks. He decorates my gardens with old ones! He would love to get down and play with your boys in the sand.

    1. Tonka trucks are wonderful! I can't imagine a boy not having one! John is most welcome to come and plant himself in our sandpile anytime with the boys and their Tonka's! They would would love it! Anyone willing to push and haul sand with their fleet is a hero in their eyes! I'll make a pitcher of lemonade! You and I will sit and watch! :)



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