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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lil' House ...

On The Prairie!

There are gems on this ole' prairie that have definitely with stood the test of both time and weather and if you're an architect/good ole' country boy at heart ... you can definitely appreciate an old wooden house that is still standing!!! (Even if you are appreciating such a structure from a tropical island with a mi-tie in hand!  LOL!)  It's amazing the number of wooden structures that are still standing and this beautiful old house has always intrigued me.  I don't know it's history but I wish it's walls could talk.  I think one would hear the laughter of children, a firm voice from the man of the house, the sweetness of a mother's voice and all in all ... a happy family.  


  1. Ok...Ok...Ok...I'm not saying that the Mi-tie has been ordered but I am saying I love the photos. I can hear this home talking as well! Or is it something else that's doing the talking. You made my day...have a good one or just have a bunch of them either way I think it comes out about the same...thx! AGOCB

    1. Hmm ... you know had I really thought about 'rural roots' ... perhaps like Saskatchewan, I would have said one had a 'Pilsner' in hand ... likely more fitting than a Mi-tie! Haha ... just teasing! Glad you liked the photos and glad they made your day! I couldn't help but think of 'architecture' looking at this beautiful old house ... it would have been stunning many years ago! Now that seeding is done, perhaps I can find a few more 'prairie gems!' Hope you are having a great spring! Cheers! :)



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