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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Watering Holes

The snow is melting and the water is running ... filling up those dry slough beds.  Jasper, and the others are definitely taking advantage of the 'watering holes' ... I guess it saves a trip up to the livestock waterer!  


  1. I hope your personal year long adventure has been as fulfilling to you as it has me. Your pictures have not only touched me but inspired me. Your pictures make me feel close to you even though we are a province apart. You are an incredible photographer and I really hope Seasons 365 continues for another year long adventure. Thanks for being you! Love ya sis!

    1. Hey Lil' Sista!! It was fulfilling ... it was definitely 'hair pulling' at times but all in all it was great experience! I am so glad that my pictures have inspired you and that they brought you 'closer' even though we are apart! You have a wonderful eye for photography and I'm certain it won't belong before you are teaching ME! Seasons 365 will be continuing ... I'm just not sure if it will be daily. Thanks for your wonderful, kind words! Love ya to bits and miss ya! :)



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