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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Number 365!!!!!! (Cattails on Ice)

Woot!  Woot!  I Actually Made It!!

Wow ... 365 posts!  CRAZY!  It's hard to believe a year ago, this time, I contemplated the crazy idea of doing a 365 photo journey ... and in a blink of an eye ... FINITO!  I have to admit ... I'm kinda proud of myself ... I DID IT!!!  I committed to sharing a photo daily and other than a couple of 'techno/internet' problems, I kept my end of the deal!  Were the pictures always okay/great???  Definitely not!!!  I will not tell a lie ... making a commitment to take a photo daily and sharing it ... IS HARD!!!  And, I am certain, you can see via my photos I've struggled at times (especially these last few weeks).  However, I learned some amazing things about myself and the lil' ole world around me.  I have a wonderful ability for retaining latin names about birds and plants (yikes ...), a learned a great deal about my camera gear and photography and the fact that I STILL have MUCH, MUCH MORE to learn, and gained a HUGE admiration for my little plot on the earth! 

There are so many things we see/don't see daily that are right in our own backyards.  I've become fascinated with all aspects of the world around me during each of the four seasons!  It's amazing to see sunrises, sunsets, birds, bugs, snow, wind, green, brown, GREY ... lately I've struggled with the grey ... but hey!!!  Capturing just a 'snipit' of the world 'out there' has definitely turned me into a photography 'junkie' ... to the point that I actually hunger for more but BETTER.  I want to know more, learn more and be able to capture it exactly how my eyes see it and don't necessarily see it!!!  

With all of that 'rambling' said ... YES, I will still be blogging and still be taking photos ... UGH ... do I dare say DAILY?  Since I've driven my kids and husband 'around the bend mad' hauling my camera everywhere, yelling "stop the truck" ... "just one more shot" ... "I should've brought my camera, can we go back and get it" ... I asked my crew if they wanted me to continue and it was a unanimous decision that I continue 'driving them crazy!' SO ... starting with the spring equinox on March 20th, 2012 ... Seasons 365 YEAR TWO will start ALL over again!  Don't worry ... I'm sure I will be snapping photos over the next few days as well ... so there will likely still be posts.  But if I miss just ONE day ... please forgive me!!  

I also wanted to THANK ALL of YOU for following along!  I greatly appreciate your viewing eyes and kind comments and I really, really hope you will tag along for another year! 

Cheers Everyone!  


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