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Thursday, February 16, 2012

The Winter Garden ...

... Native Prairie Style!

Blazing Star (Liatris punctata)

Canadian Buffaloberry (Shepherdia canadensis)

Prairie Junegrass (Koeleria macrantha)

Fringed Sagebrush (Artemesia frigida)

Canada Thistle (Cirsium arvense)

It's been a few years since I was on the University's Range Team and worked as a Range Agrologist but despite the years, ... latin names and plant identification seem to stick with a person ... even if you don't want them to!  However, it does give a person an appreciation for the plants surrounding you.  Last year at this time, everything was covered in snow so it was difficult to appreciate the Prairie's Winter Garden!


  1. Thanks Courtney! I'm trying not to get spring fever but it is soooooo hard when the weather is so beautiful! Crazy beautiful ... but still beautiful! :)



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