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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Afternoon Stroll ...

Believe it or not ... this is winter in Alberta, Canada these days!  Apparently, winter is absent from our part of the world ... a strange phenomena!!!  All I can say, is I sure hope we get some moisture soon.  "April showers brings May flowers" ... right?  In the meantime, if we have to endure afternoon strolls under sunny skies and above freezing temperatures, I won't complain!


  1. lovin the 3rd shot!,,,the horizon is great and the little lens flare is cool!

  2. Thanks Ted! I've really been struggling this last week and half. It's either been grey, with an abundance of flat light or just clear blue skies, with an abundance of bright sunlight! I guess you could say I've lacked a bit of inspiration and focus!!! UGH! Off to kick my own butt and to see what I find today! Cheers!



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