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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Those Northern Lights!

Fortunately for me, my slumber was disrupted by our dogs needing to escape to the great outdoors very early this morning!  Initially not paying attention to the "GLOW" outside, I came back in ... just to realize that the northern lights were putting on a show!  With that, I grabbed my snow pants, jacket, boots, mitts and toque and dashed outside with my camera!  The northern lights (aurora borealis) are such an amazing phenomena!!!  And with that, just as the height of the show drew closer ... the clouds rolled in!!  


  1. OMG Terri, these are just stunning!!!!

  2. If only the clouds hadn't rolled in ... :( I think the show was just beginning when they did! One of these days ...

  3. Absolutely awesome... in your own backyard too.

  4. They say the aurora borealis activity is on the increase again! Hopefully I will have more opportunities to try and capture them ... and hopefully the clouds will cooperate! :)



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