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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cold Snap ...

... Or maybe I should say 'cold SLAP!'  Having reached +10 C again yesterday, Mother Nature definitely slapped us with some reality today!  A fast moving storm system moved in with a few snow flakes but was blown out of here as fast as it arrived!  Apparently, Mother Nature felt the need to turn off that 'southern' heat and opened the doors and let the gale force winds blow in from the the northwest ... straight off the polar ice caps I'm sure!  I guess she was 'airing' us out and continues to do so.  With the 40km/h winds continuing to howl through the night, our windchill temperatures are to reach -26 C (thats an awfully big temperature fluctuation from +10C).  Let me just say ... "Brrrrrrrr!"


  1. I'd love to see those skies one day. Wide open spaces.

  2. I love the prairie sky! It is an amazing palette! You are welcome to come visit anytime Karen! :)



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