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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Where Are You Laura Ingalls Wilder?

Summer Hill School

I've driven past the old Summer Hill School so many times but never seem to take the time to stop and take a photo of this historic school.  Well, I did today!  Established back in 1912, it just emanates "Little House on the Prairie!"  I'm not sure if there was ever a 'Laura' that attended this school or taught at this school but it makes one ask "where are you Laura Ingalls Wilder?"  Laura or not, one can be certain that there was definitely a school teacher that stood at that front door greeting her school children as they entered her classroom for the day!


  1. Your photo's just keep getting better! I am in awe!! This one makes me think of LIW! Appropriately named! I think my mother would have fallen in love with this place!

  2. Thank you T1! I've been struggling lately! I've been short on time and creativity! Glad you like these! So wish I could've met your Mom! Hugs!

  3. I love little house on the prairie, liw, thank you so much for all your awesome photos, they are spectacular, and very professional in appearance, the blog is amazing, and I am speechless looking through it all. My heart has melted at many of them, and had to comment on this one with the reference to liw, have to visit the area one day, goodness knows when, thank for including these in your blog,
    an aussie fan
    ps as I post this I have no idea about the id bit, sorry I put anonymous, a fellow photographic platform buddy though.

    1. Awe!!! Thank you so very much Sharon, your kind words mean alot! If you make it over for a visit ... let me know ... we will make sure you get to LIW school house on the hill! LOL! :)



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