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Monday, March 21, 2011

Winter Winds

Well, I must admit ... I am a bit testy today!  I am rather certain its due to a lack of Vitamin D ... I think this is day 4 or 5 without the sun!  Adding to the white landscape and the grey sky, Mother Nature is ensuring that we Albertan's do not hold our breath for the arrival of spring like weather anytime soon and is slapping us with another dose of winter.  Hmmm .... I actually did see 2 ... yes, 2 gophers out the other day!!  I wonder what their thoughts are on the current weather situation?  I could really express my opinion but I'll refrain!!  I think my picture says it all!  :(


  1. You know the gophers don't really care right now, cuz they are snuggled deep in their holes in the cozy underground! LOL!!

  2. The gophers were out surveying the situation ... they are definitely back underground now... Can gophers swear?



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