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Saturday, March 26, 2011

Unimpressed (The March Hare)!

Meet one of my resident "White-tailed Jackrabbits"  (Lepus townsendii).  We have a pair of them that have taken refuge in our yard for the last few years!  I was on my way out to check cows, when I spooked the poor lad out of his shelter from the cold, snow and WIND!  Was he impressed?  I don't think so!  However, I was happy to see that his winter coat is starting to turn for the spring and summer.  Hopefully, for his sake, the snow disappears before his white coat completely disappears!


  1. Wow, that's wasn't very nice of you...how long did it take you to get that shot?

  2. Nan - I wasn't trying to spook the lad ... oops! I have to admit ... it really didn't take that long ... he was at the bottom of the hill, down by the old steel building! Thank goodness ... as that wind was horrible again today!

    Thanks Gena!! I love his eye! It gives such 'attitude!'



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