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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

A St. Patty's Dance!

These are only "snippets" of the incredible Aurora show that danced in the heavens all week!  You truly had to witness this display of aurora borealis with you own eyes!  Although I missed the initial dance earlier in the week due to cloud cover and snow, the aurora pulled out their best dancing shoes and one of their hottest choreographed numbers not only once BUT twice for St. Patrick's Day!  I captured the first images in the wee hours of March 17th staring around 1:00am.  The 2nd big number began around 9:30pm on the 17th!  I have to say, it was certainly a performance I will never forget!  
I tried several times to pack my gear and head in sooner but the mesmerizing dance of the aurora kept me standing there ... in complete awe of such a magical sight!  I hope you enjoy these "snippets!"  


  1. Wow you really got some serious green! These are amazing!!

    1. Thank you Sally! The northern light displays have been "out of this world" and fashionably green! :)

  2. oh my goodness, these ae exquisite!!!! thank yoou for shaing the majesty of your experience!



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