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Monday, November 24, 2014

My Babe!

Meet our other sweet gal!  This is our Jazzy and she came home with us one year ago today!  Once a reserve dog, she landed herself in the *Pound!* Fortunately, luck was on her side and she was rescued before the pound could determine her fate!  Jazzy ended up being fostered by the most amazing and kind-hearted soul!  She took this very timid little spirit and truly turned her life around and eventually made it possible for us to adopt her and provide her with her furever home!  Although Jazzy loves her entire family, I must admit she is my 'shadow' but I also know that her Foster Mom holds a very special part of her heart as well!  

Yes, Miss Jazzy made our hound population 3 ... but who wouldn't rescue a beautiful gal with those big, sweet brown eyes?  They match her personality 100%


  1. Labs...pretty simple, who could not fall in love?

  2. What wonderful portraits of your sweet Jazzy....you can just feel the love!



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