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Thursday, June 12, 2014

June Meanderings

Miss Me?  I kind of disappeared without notice!  Well ... I can't really claim disappearing, as I was still here and taking pictures BUT my computer and I separated!  Yup ... after a long, cold winter it has been rather difficult to keep the love affair alive when the sun is shining, the days are so much longer and there are a zillion things to do!  SO, having already taken and posted pictures everyday for approximately 1200 days in a row ... I was a REBEL and took pictures but didn't post them!  That being said ... Here is what has been happening on 'My Lil' Piece of the Prairies ...'

June 1, 2014:

A 5:00am a road trip to Southern Alberta!!!  The most painful part of that equation is watching a GORGEOUS sunrise out of the dirty truck windows and not being able to talk the *pilot* into 'QUICKLY' stopping for a photo (hmm ... I sense the pilot knows better than that!  LOL!).  Needless to say, travelling at that hour is always glorious, especially in the spring time AND the *pilot* does stop long enough for a fresh cup of coffee (He has different priorities I guess!)!

Two hours later, we arrived at the Brooks Motocross Park with two excited boys ready for race day!  Yes, the boys have started their motocross racing season once again!

June 2, 2014:

Our local Great Horned Owl family is growing!  There are actually 3 owlets but on this day, only this feathery *fluff* was inquisitive enough to peer over the side of their nest!

June 3, 2014:

The prairie is BURSTING with colour these days!  Certainly a welcome sight after such a long winter!  These magnificent Dark Throat Shooting Stars or Saline Shooting Stars (Primula pauciflora var. pauciflora) always add a delicate beauty to a saline flat or wet meadow!

June 4, 2014:

The innocence of a wild babe that will soon have to fight to survive in this human tainted landscape and world!  Often viewed as a pest, I am a firm believer that coyotes play an integral role in the prairie ecosystem and love 'em or hate 'em, I don't think we would ever want to see the outcome if they were completely removed.

Our youngest attended our school division's Track n Field day for the smaller grades!  Everyone there was blessed with a beautiful, sunny day!  All you could see was smiles gleaming from the kids!

The heat of the day (which was marvellous!!!) always seems to cook up some interesting storm clouds!  Racing to get the final few acres of barley seeded, my husband managed to finish our spring seeding just as the wind, lightning and rain hit!!!  Yeah!  It's nice to be done!

June 5, 2014:

Brrr... those storm clouds the night before carried in single temperature digits and a very brisk, cold wind the next day!!!  Not exactly the warmest day for our oldest to compete in his Track n Field day!  However, he had a blast!!! I on the other hand FROZE!!!

June 6, 2014:

Much of our birds have finally returned and it wouldn't quite be the same without our Barn Swallows (Hirundo rustica)!  Always cheerful and on the fly, like the other swallows that visit us, they EAT FLYING INSECTS!!!!  Any bird that does its part to reduce the flying insect population is golden in my books!!!

June 7, 2014:

Out on a late Saturday morning adventure to check cows and scour the pasture for old relics from the past, the boys and I found ourselves taking cover in one of the old buildings and patiently waiting for some storm clouds to move off!

Apparently the rain and rather large but soft (thank goodness) hail didn't really bother some of the gals but the boys and I thought otherwise!  So we took turns gazing out of the old doorway!

June 8, 2014:

The 'hay and crop' tours are in full swing!  It happens when you are married to a farmer and it happens OFTEN!!!

June 9, 2014:

... The moment you get over to the pasture and start checking cows ... the cold wind picks up and the clouds roll in!!!

June 10, 2014:

Happy BUZZING honey bees!!!!  Mmmm ... HONEY!

June 11, 2014:

Another new BABE!  But a few more to come!

June 12, 2014:

Yes, this beautiful, old prairie continues to blossom but not every lil' native, perennial forb is as delicate as it looks!  Meet Death Camas (Zigadenus venenosus)!  This meadow beauty can certainly wreak havoc especially to livestock (its a favourite among sheep)!  Its toxic alkaloid 'zygadenine' is present throughout the entire plant!  Some believe its more potent than strychnine!  Sometimes referred to as a 'wild onion,' this plant should be considered poisonous to all livestock and humans.

And with that ... I think I'm officially caught up!  


  1. You were indeed missed! I was wondering where you were. Glad to know you were out enjoying the outdoors. All this green & color must be a real treat after such a long winter. Keep on enjoying the beauty!

    1. Thanks for missing me Sally! I just needed a break from technology!!! The green and colour keep calling me to the great outdoors! Its hard to stay inside and work at a computer

  2. As always, beautiful photos, Terri. It is hard to pick a favorite. All are great, but you really get nice shots of the the birds, the owl, the coyote. So, so pretty!

    1. Awe! Thank you for such kind words Olga!!!! I'm glad you can't pick a favourite ... I never can either so its nice to know that someone viewing is in the same boat! I must say, I do have a soft spot for those baby 'yoties!



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