Welcome to My Little Piece of the Prairies ...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014


If the sight of these beautiful, iridescent blue-green lil' DARTS, zooming about doesn't make you smile ... well, I'm going to say you need a cup of coffee or something!  Ah ... our Tree Swallows (Tachycineta bicolor) are HOME!!!!  Yeah!!! I love these birds!  They just make you smile and knowing that they are one of our most proficient insect eaters ... we are very happy to welcome them home!


  1. Wow you have added a lot since the last time I was able to visit. Love the birdhouse, the crocuses in snow & all your beautiful bird photos! Happy spring in all it's colors!

  2. Fantastic series!...my fav is the barbwire with the pair off Tree Swallows.



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