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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Feathery Gem

Migration is an amazing phenomena and every once in awhile it will throw in a rare gem!  I was certain I saw a "streak" of blue at one of our bird feeders Sunday morning but the moment "I thought" ... it was gone!  Lucky for me this handsome man was sitting outside my kitchen window as evidence my eyes were not playing tricks on me!  Meet Mr. Lazuli Bunting (Passerina amoena)!  Isn't he rather "handsome in BLUE!"  Mr. Lazuli Bunting apparently overshot his most northern range ... which is the southern tip of our province and ended up here amongst the American Goldfinch!  It doesn't appear to concern him and I am hoping I can spot a mate ... otherwise he might just head south sooner than I wish!

All I can say is, I have officially recorded spotting this feathery gem in my bird book!  I have spotted many of our provincial and migratory birds that "pass thru" but there are many I have hoped to spot in my lifetime and this would be one of them!  He's just so darn purrrrrty!


  1. so beauitful! i would love to see these birds.
    I took my feeder down due to bears.... don't want to encourage them.
    makes it even more a joy to see your photos.

  2. You lucky woman! I love anything blue, well almost anything! I have a rule in my vehicle, I stop for hawks, owls, moose, antelope and blue birds, so I know how you must have felt to see this little gem!



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