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Monday, January 20, 2014

Sun, Frost ... GLORY!

It is the life of the crystal, 
the architect of the flake, 
the fire of the frost, 
the soul of the sunbeam. 
This crisp winter air is full of it. 
~John Burroughs

I know, the weekend is over but it was certainly difficult to resent the arrival of a Monday morning when it emerges with such elegance!  Its amazing how a bit of frost and some delicious rays of sunshine can make the stark trees of winter dance with radiance!


  1. OMG... I do NOT use this term very often, and I save it for very special occasions only, but Terri, oh my, these are spectacular, divine, TRULY numen! OMG

    1. Hahaha ... glad I could make you an OMG victim and glad you like! The winter sun always hits our trees up on this knoll so nicely. Of course, its an added bonus when they have frost on them!

  2. beautiful light...a photographers best friend!

  3. Wow, this photos are so phantastic, can't take my eye of them!
    Barbara Bee



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