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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Home Again, Home Again ... Jiggity-jig, Jig!

Last Thursday night/Friday morning, 'JB' the holstein calf, 4 other calves and 3 'mama's decided to go on an excursion without permission!  Well, their little 'walk-about' lasted 4 days and they managed to stay under the radar avoiding us and neighbours.  We even flew twice with a neighbour searching from the sky in hopes of spotting them.  Well, we're not sure where there hooves took them but they certainly managed to hide for a few days!  However, they got 'caught' this afternoon and the boys and I sent them home with a scolding!  Haha!  I think they were happy to get back to familiar territory!


  1. Phew, what a relief. We also spent time yesterday morning searching for our new addition to our family. We adopted a husky dog from the SPCA for my birthday! His collar came off and off he went exploring. There we were at 5:30 in the morning driving through the nearby acreages. We visited a lot of backyards. After an hour we finally captured him.

    1. Hmmm ... you've met the 2 critters we adopted, including our 1/2 husky! I'll forewarn you ... they LOVE TO RUN, they LOVE TO POUNCE! And more times than not, they pounce on a porcupine!!!! Our husky cross is the most wonderful, loveable character but I've discovered they pounce and dig and have the most incredible senses! So glad you found your new hound! You will have to put up some pics! Looking forward to hearing about this new addition! :)

    2. Thanks for the warning. I witnessed the pouncing today! The digging too! I'll post some pics soon.

    3. Oooh yes ... the digging!!! I forgot to mention that one! I'm not sure who moves more soil ... a badger or our Ri-Dog!!! LOL! But he does kill gophers!!! LOL!



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