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Sunday, June 2, 2013

Crash, Boom, Bang ...

We had quite the thunderstorm this evening with plenty of rain, a bit of hail and a good share of thunder and lightning!  


  1. Wow, stunning!

    You really "quack me up", Terri! I would love to use one of your photos. When I get home from my trip, I am going to do another one using one of Maria's photos. She sent me one to do. Then, I would be honoured to use one of your photos. Do you have one in mind for me to use, or do you want me to choose one from your blog and surprise you?

    1. Thanks Renee! If I had been a bit more organized I would've gotten outside sooner and had closer and BIGGER shots of lightning but that didn't happen! However, I have a feeling I will get another opportunity at some point this summer!

      Surprise me! It will be interesting to see how well I pay attention to my own images!



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