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Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Monday!

Well, what can I say ... more tractor pics!  Yes, the reality of spring seeding!  However, I am happy to report the day was for the most part a darn good day!  The sprayer is fixed, the flax is seeded and as I type this ... those dark clouds are producing some much needed rain!


  1. Terri, I am so glad things went better today! Do you know you make tractors look beautiful? What a glorious sky. I hope you get the rain you need. Gesh, not long ago, you were commenting on too much snow, and now you need rain. That's Alberta for you!

  2. Much better ... thank goodness! Days like Murphy Day's add grey hairs!

    Too funny ... I will have to tell the 'Old Girl' (the JD tractor) she's still beautiful! Trust me, as long as she runs ... she is beautiful in our eyes! She's 29 yrs old and definitely doesn't have the shiny paint that most of the outfits around us have but she gets the job done!

    The sky was great yesterday ... actually today as well! I love our prairie skies!

    Isn't it crazy? All that snow and we still had snow in the ditches on the weekend yet we've been under a complete fire ban. We had a bit of rain last night but certainly could stand some more. The forecast is calling for more on the weekend! Ha! LONG WEEDKEND ... that must be why it's going to rain! LOL! We'll take it! :)

    1. Oooops ... The 'Husband' corrected me ... the old girl is 32 yrs old! LOL!



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