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Monday, April 22, 2013

Soaking Up the Morning Sun on Earth Day

Curled up on the hillside, this coyote was certainly enjoying a nap in the morning sun!  In fact a good long, morning stretch was required before wandering off!  The sun, blue sky and above freezing temperatures have returned and the wind was not howling!  My American Robin also returned (I spotted one in the yard before the snow storm back on the 13th) and posed for me as I got back to the yard from checking cows!  Perhaps 'Earth Day' and 'Spring' go hand in hand!


  1. Love the coyote Terri. As often happens, we're on the same track! he looks like quite a guy. And happy to see your snow is mostly gone.... Mr. Robin looking pretty chipper.

    1. Thanks Gena. Yes, great minds do think alike! Must be our prairie heritage! Mr/Mrs. Coyote was certainly enjoying the warmth of the sun ... something we haven't had a great deal of this spring. The hill tops are bare and the snow is certainly melting ... we have a long way to go before we see dry pastures and fields though. That being said, I will never complain about moisture. One never knows when the tap will get shut off.



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