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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Digging Out ...

After yesterday's spring storm, many of us were digging out this morning!  Yes, even if you are a gopher (Richardson's Ground Squirrel), you had some house cleaning to do!  This little one worked quickly on it's first opening ... just so it could run and skip across the snow to get to the other opening and clear the snow out of it!  

Hopefully yesterday's snow was Winter's last punch!  


  1. Too funny about the gopher, not about the snow. Theses pictures remind me of a Loonie Tunes cartoon, like Bugs Bunny cleaning out his hole or Winnie-the Pooh with Rabbit sweeping out his hole. Great catch on the last photo with the bits of snow flying out the hole! Heehee!

    1. He/she was so funny! I was rather entertained watching! I had my old camera which is 'slow' ... otherwise, I think I could have caught even more snow flying! At one point, it had a paw full of snow and just stopped and ate the snow! I thought I caught it but alas ... nope!



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