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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Batten Down the Hatches and Huddle!

 There is NO Rest for the Winter Weary!

The cows aren't impressed and the humans are even less impressed!  By 4:00am, the ground was white and we've had blizzard-like conditions all day.  I think we've had close to a foot of fresh snow if not more ... then again, it's hard to tell when it's arriving horizontally!  On a positive note, it's only -1C and the snow is heavy and wet which is great moisture!  *sigh* ... I must say I would prefer rain and 14C at this stage!  However, that didn't happen and we certainly have a winter wonderland once again!  Spring eh?  


  1. Ugh! What does poor little Lily think of this snow? We spent the weekend in Calgary for my son's football try outs for Team South at McMahon Stadium, so we have and idea what the cattle felt like out in the wet snow! Moooooo!

    1. Poor lil' Lily ... and the other babes! :( I felt so sorry for them. Thank goodness it wasn't cold albeit very windy, and wet! The Mom's managed to keep the babes out of the wind and eventually we were able to coax them out of the bush and back up to the big corral were they were bedded. What a yucky weekend for football tryouts! I hope everything went well for your son!



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