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Monday, February 18, 2013

The Great Hawaiian Escape

Hmm ... to think I have relatives that have the nerve to ATTEMPT escaping an Alberta, Winter!!!

And better yet, send me their pictures from Hawaii!!  
Now, I won't mention the Albertan's who permanently live in Hawaii (Yes D ... I'm talking about YOU!  Haha!) but I will mention my DAD & Flory!  You two can run but you can't hide!
Welcome back to Winter!


  1. That looks like the fish I saw in one your pictures from your canoe trip this past summer! And that other fella looks like one of those pre-historic creatures from that there Drumheller area...maybe a certain somebody is having a little too much fun with Mr. Photoshop! Winter getting a little long! Cause no true Albertan would ever leave Alberta in the middle of February...that would be crazy. Honestly, I haven't left the house in weeks and who's that D guy...love BWilkins

    1. I should've said 'Stubble Jumper's as well as Albertan's ... but since your parents are here you got thrown in with the Albertan's! LOL! Winter is getting LONG!!! Although my Dad and step-Mom managed to spend the month of January in Maui, we are still here with not much hope of escaping this winter anytime soon! *sigh* Hope all is well on that lil' ole island of Oahu! Soak up some vitamin D for me! :)



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